Casinos and bookmakers that accept Bitcoin

At this point we just have to place our play and hope for some good luck. If we are lucky and can accumulate an interesting nest of winnings, we can proceed with a withdrawal. If we want to withdraw the winnings of a bet in Bitcoin from the NetBet site we must necessarily rely on a platform that converts cryptocurrency in traditional currency. The only platform that operates this bookmaker transaction is Neteller: so make sure you have a green e-wallet set to the right.

How the withdrawal works in detail?

We see the process in detail, thanks to the image that our staff has developed for you. By following the instructions step by step, the withdrawal process does not involve any difficulty. First, go to the withdrawals section of your gaming account on NetBet. Exactly as you did to request a deposit, click on the icon corresponding to the Bitcoin transaction.

From this moment on the ball passes to Neteller. Our withdrawal from betting sites Bitcoin, as mentioned, just because unconventional, needs an intermediary to be completed in a profitable way. In fact, thanks to the famous e-wallet it is possible to convert our bundle of cryptomoneta in traditional currency, in our case in euros. Neteller can take up to 1 business day to process this operation, due to the volatility inherent in the very nature of Bitcoins, although in most cases this takes place in real time, however no commission is applied. At this point we can proceed with our withdrawal of money. We have two options: either we send a withdrawal order from Neteller to our bank account, or use, if we have it, the prepaid card Neteller MasterCard to withdraw cash directly from one of the affiliated ATMs.

Differences between betting with Bitcoin and with traditional currency

A question may have arisen spontaneously to those who have followed you since the beginning of this review. Why should I use Bitcoin betting sites instead of traditional currency, in our case euro? It is a legitimate question. Online betting with Bitcoin represents a completely unique way to play. The thrill of the bet itself, in fact, adds to the thrill of betting on the very value of the cryptocurrency. Let’s try to explain ourselves better. Bitcoins are a decentralized currency, but at the same time reliable and relatively secure. However, they are subject to a very high rate of volatility compared to traditional currencies such as euro or dollar, which means that from the moment you place the bet at the time you withdraw the winnings the stake could have gained additional value, certainly much greater than the inflation rate of current currencies. But beware: as their value increases suddenly, it can also decrease. This is in effect a bet in the bet.

The traditional currency does not offer all this shiver. On the other hand we must also make some other considerations about it. Managing and operating with Bitcoin is not a child’s play and requires some expertise and a minimum of experience, which with this review we hope to have helped you train. It should also be stressed that the stability of the traditional currency does not involve risks and is protected and guaranteed by public institutions and banks. In addition, when you make a withdrawal you can spend your money directly, rather than going through an intermediary to convert your currency. The choice is yours: after all, it is still a game.